Who said the everyday can’t also look pretty? Luminarc will inspire you to be creative and turn your table into a focal point for decoration and inspiration – and without losing an ounce of functionality or durability! Luminarc can also be your source of inspiration for special occasions, while remaining accessible to all consumers, wherever the location.


Quid is a cross-cutting brand for all product categories in the tableware and kitchenware segments. It was created in order to meet the needs of today’s diverse, changing society, offering attractive, dynamic, open product collections – organized by concept – to groups who share the same lifestyle and values. These concepts are not only on-trend; they are also adapted to suit the different lifestyles and individualism of today’s society.

Cristal d´Arques Paris

Cristal d’Arques Paris embodies French elegance and beauty, while remaining accessible to all consumers. Although it remains faithful to its values, the brand is now orienting itself towards a more casual form of chic, inspired by the Art Deco movement and the Parisian lifestyle. Drawing on its extensive experience, Cristal d’Arques Paris has transformed its image through a reinterpretation of the meaning of luxury, adopting a more spontaneous and up-to-date perspective. The brand’s products are dedicated to beauty and excellence, and are manufactured from toughened crystalline glass of exceptional quality.


ECLAT is part of a contemporary lifestyle for consumers looking for elegant, high-quality products at affordable prices. With the quality guarantee of the Cristal d’Arques Paris brand founded in 1968, ECLAT benefits from both the know-how and the French style of its parent brand. Made from toughened crystalline glass, the latest material developed by the Arc Group, the new collections in the ECLAT line offer significant advantages to the consumer: unique transparency, perfect musicality, breakage resistance and dishwasher safety.


Created in 1958, the French tableware brand has secured the affections of countless consumers over its life. Around the world, the brand has become synonymous with a familiar consistency; when we think of Arcopal, we think of durability, simplicity, and memories from childhood. Every one of us knows the exact cupboard in which our mothers or grandmothers still keep these authentic period-pieces. What’s the secret to the company’s continued success? Almost 60 years of smiles!


Since its creation in 1915, Pyrex has remained in the vanguard of expectations and trends in family tableware, continually offering consumers new ideas for preparing, cooking, serving, and much more. Renowned worldwide for its borosilicate glass products, Pyrex offers a wide range of cooking utensils, all of which are available in a variety of materials, shapes and designs. By combining tradition with innovation, Pyrex has become an essential ingredient in millions of homes, helping to create unique moments in the kitchen and at the table.

Queen’s by Churchill

Queen’s, the mass-market line from the iconic British brand Churchill, offers comprehensive tableware solutions for a market that demands high quality and extraordinary design. Founded in 1795, Churchill has gradually evolved over the years and now boasts a magnificent reputation as an innovative, reliable supplier of tableware products. The company was first introduced on the London Stock Exchange in 1994, which is a reflection of both its longevity and its solidity as an international brand.


Bidasoa is a leading name amongst tableware brands, thanks to its long and successful history. The company has won numerous international awards and worked with famous artists and designers such as Picasso, Dalí, Gerardo Rueda and Benedito, all of whom have channelled their creativity into the brand’s ceramic ware and accessories. Its products have adorned the most prestigious tables, including those at the finest restaurants, luxury hotels, historic parador hotels, palaces (such as the Marivent) and embassies around the world, all of whom are proud to serve their culinary creations on Bidasoa porcelain.


Amefa boasts more than 85 years of experience in providing cutlery for tables around the world. The company has a broad range of tableware and kitchenware products, and its mission is to consolidate its position as a valuable and trusted industry partner while continuing to operate as a global corporation with the speed, commitment, humanity and flexibility of a small local firm.

La Bouchée by La Cartuja de Sevilla

La Bouchée was born out of the partnership and collective experience of Arc Distribución Ibérica and La Cartuja de Sevilla, the famous ceramics factory founded in 1841. This exciting tableware and kitchenware brand includes all the elements required to equip your table and kitchen in style. Throughout its history, the handcrafted decorations of La Cartuja de Sevilla brought the iconography of travel and nobility to tables across Spain and throughout Europe; now, La Bouchée has reinterpreted the brand’s legendary hallmarks with a wide range of products for the table and kitchen.

Aqua Optima

AquaOptima is a producer of filters and filter jugs made from high-quality materials that contribute to a healthier lifestyle by filtering out all of the impurities from tap water, thereby making it tastier, healthier and more hygienic.​


Since its creation in 1949, Curver has worked to offer a wide range of possibilities to any room at the home of their customers, providing design and innovation with the highest quality resin products. Known for its hermetic and different textures in interior products, Curver has always offered practical, decorative and high quality solutions that are perfectly adapted to customer expectations.

Logo Koala

The new Koala project was born in 2006 from the need to move forward and the vocation to innovate and design products for an increasingly demanding professional market. Koala is a Spanish firm committed to the development of functional and design products related to the world of wine, bar, cocktail and cava, both for home and professional use. It has 35 industrial and design patents with exhaustive technical and quality controls to provide a unique and differentiating product. The originality, the quality, the finish, the functionality, the contemporary design lines is what makes the customer who acquires Koala satisfied.