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Food service

Food service

Chef & Sommelier

Chef & Sommelier serves industry talent by developing glassware, tableware and cutlery that is designed for professionals and oriented towards the mid- and high-range in the food service industry. Glassware with a high oenological value that has won accolades from the most renowned sommeliers; tableware capable of showcasing the most innovative culinary creations; and cutlery that provides the framework for truly unique table settings: these are the products that define Chef & Sommelier.


Arcoroc’s glassware, tableware and cutlery offer a clear vision: meeting the functional and aesthetic needs of professionals in the food service industry. Their products are designed for everyday use and aim to make daily life for your establishment that much easier. Throughout its 60-plus years of history, Arcoroc has led the way in the development of efficient, long-lasting products that represent substantial cost savings for establishments in the food service industry.

Quid Professional

Quid is a cross-cutting brand for all tableware and kitchenware categories in the restaurant industry. Its mission is clear: to offer efficient products with an optimum price-quality ratio, designed for professionals seeking smart solutions for a reasonable investment cost.


Ariane produces highly durable tableware of exceptional quality, designed exclusively for the food service industry and developed by a talented creative team using the most advanced production techniques. The company’s collections are designed by professionals, for professionals, while Ariane is guided by the principles of creativity, functionality, durability and timelessness in its product development.


Amefa boasts more than 85 years of experience in providing cutlery for tables around the world. The company has a broad range of tableware and kitchenware products, and its mission is to consolidate its position as a valuable and trusted industry partner while continuing to operate as a global corporation with the speed, commitment, humanity and flexibility of a small local firm.


Anaflor is a Spanish brand specializing in products made from volcanic clay: a material that is free from lead and cadmium and therefore ideal for stone-baked meat, fish and vegetable dishes, as it maintains all of the properties and flavour of the ingredients. Anaflor’s products allow you to cook directly over flame, as well as on other surfaces such as vitroceramic and induction hobs. They are designed for intensive use in establishments within the food service industry.


Since its creation in 1915, Pyrex has remained in the vanguard of expectations and trends in family tableware, continually offering consumers new ideas for preparing, cooking, serving, and much more. Renowned worldwide for its borosilicate glass products, Pyrex offers a wide range of cooking utensils, all of which are available in a variety of materials, shapes and designs. By combining tradition with innovation, Pyrex has become an essential ingredient in millions of homes, helping to create unique moments in the kitchen and at the table.


Matfer is a world leader in cooking and baking utensils designed exclusively for professionals. It boasts a highly specialized portfolio aimed at hotel chains, catering services and the restaurant industry in general. Acclaimed by chefs around the world for the quality of its products, the completeness of its product lines and the excellence of its service, Matfer has become an international benchmark in the confectionary, baking and restaurant industries.​